Lactocollybia Singer

Lactocollybia is a tropical genus containing around 17 species. The species are mostly distributed in southern hemisphere, extended to North America. The species are distributed gregariously or scattered and found on living tree trunks, barks and at the base of the stumps[1],[2].

The specimens were collected from Karnala bird sanctuary, Dapoli and Jawhar.


Pileus up to 10 mm diameter, convex; surface white, becoming greyish orange to light brown, smooth; margin entire. Lamellae adnate, white, becoming greyish orange to light brown, crowded; edge entire. Stipe central to excentric, 30 × 2 mm, terete, slender, hollow; surface white, smooth. Annulus absent. Volva absent.

Culinary value:

Lactocollybia aequatirialis is considered as edible[3].

Medicinal importance:

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Industrial importance:

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Unique features:

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Interesting facts:

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Review of publications:

  1. Lactocollybia subvariicystis was reported as a new species from China. The phylogenetic relationships of Lactocollybia with other genera was unclear, however, the taxonomic position of the new species within the genus was revealed by studying three nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences. The species was delimitated with morphological data and molecular evidence of ITS sequence analysis. Description, colour photographs, comparison with phenotypically similar taxa and line drawings were also presented[4].
  2. The study has described a total 13 species belonging to 10 genera including Lactocollybia epia in 9 families collected from Pune and Western Ghats of Mahabaleshwar and Mulshi[5].
  3. Lactocollybia dendrobii was reported as a new species from Lower Austria and described with microscopical drawings and colour plates[6].
  4. New species from South Africa viz. globosa, and L. variicystis were described and an identification key was provided[7].


Kingdom: Fungi

Division: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Marasmiaceae

Genus: Lactocollybia

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