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Plant Name        Curculigo orchiodes       

Common name: Golden Eye Grass, Orchid palm grass

                Marathi:              Kali musali          

                Hindi:                   Kali musli/ Krishna musli              

                English:                Golden eye grass            

                Jawhar:                Kali musali          



Identification guide


Curculigo orchioides is a stemless evergreen perennial herb producing a cluster of leaves from the roots and spreading to form a clump. It grows up to 50 cm tall


Oblong and black


Sessile, linear, 15 -20 cm long, pointed tip


Distichous, bright yellow


Oblong, 10 m in diameter,


Habit / Habitat

 Tropical flowering herb

 The plant is naturally grown in sandy areas, grassy slopes of hills with good amount of moisture and well decayed manure.



Tropical Africa, India and Indo-China      


Edible parts

Used by tribal community in Jawhar        Fruits, roots and bark                                                               


Method of consumption

Jawhar tribal      Raw fruits are consumed

Medicinal use   Root extract is used to cure stomach ache.

Bark decoction is used to treat piles and cure the pain in bone joints.


Nutritional and medicinal information

Pharmaceutical significance

 Literature review:

 The ethanol extract of Curculigo orchioides showed a definite proactive effect against histamine-induced contraction on  in vitro models like isolated goat tracheal chain preparation and isolated guinea pig ileum. Thus, the study indicated usefulness of ethanol extract of Curculigo orchioides in asthma.

The alcohol and aqueous solution of the root tuber were tested on alloxan induced rats, which showed significant hypoglycemic activity when compared to diabetic control .

The study of methanolic extract of the C. orchioides against hepatotoxic rats was conducted. The results concluded that the hepatic damage were found to acquire near- normalcy in drug co-administered rats, further substantiating the hepatoprotective potential of the plant .

  1. orchioides rhizome extract was evaluated against



Propagation and Storage

 Season of collection

 Edible: Summer

 Medicinal parts: Annually


 How to grow it?

Naturally, the plant is propagated by seeds and underground bulbils and could be cultivated by rhizome.



 Method of storage

  1. Propagules: Seeds
  2. Edibles: Eaten immediately after harvested from wild.




Kingdom:              Plantae

Division:               Spermatophyta

Sub-division:        Angiospermae

Class:                    Monocotyledonae

Series:                  Coronarieae

Family:                 Liliaceae

Genus:                 Curculigo

Species:               orchiodes





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