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Plant Name        Tectona grandis              

                Common name: Teak    

                Marathi:              Saag      

                Hindi:                   Saigun, Sagwan               

                English:                 Teak wood, Indian oak, teak tree           

                Jawhar:                Sag                        


Identification guide


Teak is a large, mainly deciduous tree reaching over 30 metres in height in favourable conditions with an open crown that has many small branches


scaly, dark gold which turns deep brown when exposed to sunlinght and air.


opposite, large and shiny on the above surface, hairy below, clear viens


small, mauve to white in colour


drupe with 4 chambers, hard and woody, pale green when young, brown at maturity, each contains 4 seeds


Habit / Habitat


Deciduous tree


  1. grandis survives best in warm, moist, tropical climate. It grows under wide range of climatic and edaphic conditions. The most suitable soil is fertile alluvial- colluvial soil, well drained and intolerable to waterlogging. It has the ability to persist, dominate and naturally regenerate. It also grows in non-seasonal climate as semi-deciduous.



 It is native to India, Indonesia, Laos, Mynamar and Thailand.     


Edible parts

Used by tribal community in Jawhar:      Seeds


Method of consumption

Medicinal use:  Powder of seeds is mixed with water and consumed for kidney stone & Renal problems.


Nutritional and medicinal information

Pharmaceutical significance:

 Literature review:

1) The hydro- alcoholic extract of leaves of T.grandis showed wound healing activity due to its anti-oxidant property. 

2) Methanol extract of the flowers of T.grandis were induced in diabetic rats to estimate the blood glucose level. It was estimated that the extect possesses antidiabetic, antihyperglycemic and antioxidant activity. 

3) The ethanolic extract and compounds from fruits of T.grandis showed moderate activity against the bacteria stain during an experiment conducted to support African folk medicine used in the treatment of skin diseases and diarrhoea.  

4) A study carried out to evaluated the effect of stem extract of T.grandis on mice concluded that the plant possess the significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.  


Propagation and Storage

 Season of collection

Seeds: November - January

 How to grow it?

 Stumps or seeds are used as a means of propagation. Vegetative propagation can be achieved by grafting and budding.

 Method of storage

Propagules and Edibles: Seeds are dried and stored


Other uses

 The teak wood is used as a fuel as well as used as a timber due to its superior physical and mechanical properties1.

 It is traditionally used as a medicine for its astringent and diuretic properties and against swelling in Southeast Asia.                       



Kingdom:            Plantae

Division:              Spermatophyta

Sub-division:      Angiospermae

Class:                    Dicotyledonae

Sub-class:            Gamopetalae

Series:                  Bicarpellatae

Order:                   Lamiales

Family:               Verbenaceae

Genus:                 Tectona

Species:               grandis




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