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Plant Name: Sterculia guttata Roxb. ex G.Don

Common name

Marathi:            Dauda, Goldada, kukar

Hindi:                Hirik

English:             Bloody drop ordure tree

Jawhar:             Dauda, Goldada, kukar


Interesting facts and history

It is a larval host plant for Coladenia indrani (Himalayan Tricolor Pied Flat butterfly)


Identification guide


Spotted Sterculia is a tree with a straight greyish-brown trunk. Trunk\bark and when mature blaze pink in color


Leaves are hairless above, velvety beneath, oblong-ovate acute or acuminate. Leaf base is rounded or nearly heart-shaped.


Flower panicles are sparingly branched. Buds are spherical and are chiefly male. Sepal tube 1/3 inches densely rusty hairy outside, glandular within, bell-shaped, divided into 5; segments broadly ovate-acute, ultimately reflexed, covered with long hairs. Flowers are yellow, with purple glands on the inside of the petals. Anthers 12, Ovary stalked, spherical, 3-5-lobed. Style curved, stigma 3-5 lobed. Follicles 1-5, size of a small apple, each about 3 inches, obovoid, covered with reddish down, smooth, pink within.


Habit / Habitat

Deciduous Tree, Mostly found in evergreen and in semi-evergreen forests along river side or rocky bed.



1) Availability of the plant species in India: Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala), Andamans

2) Global distribution: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar [Burma] (Taninthayi), Laos, Vietnam


Edible parts


Used by tribal community in Jawhar       Seeds


Method of consumption



Jawhar tribal

Roasted seeds are consumed directly.



Nutritional and medicinal information


Nutritive Significance:

The proximate composition of seed was evaluated and the results in Percentage Dry matter (DM) are: Crude Protein 21.40 ± 0.4, Crude Lipid 11.58± 0.2, Crude Fibre 7.73±0.5, Carbohydrate 21.03±0.4, Moisture Content 16.42±0.2

Mineral composition3 was as follows (mg/100gm of DM)

Calcium 108.00±0.4, Potassium 105±0.5, Magnesium 59±0.2, Manganese (ppm) 19.66±0.5, Zinc (ppm) 18.74±0.3, Copper(ppm) 8.69±0.5, Iron (ppm) 27.12±0.4, Sodium 28.41±0.5


Pharmaceutical significance

  1. The crude extract of shade dried, powdered seeds of Sterculia guttata was obtained using a Soxhlet extractor with ethanol. Later ethanol was removed under reduced pressure. This extract was evaluated for its effect on behavioral changes, exploratory activity and barbiturate-sleeping time, using appropriate standard methods in mice. The extract exhibited dose-dependent CNS depressant activity . Hence it could be useful for treating anxiety and sleep disorders.
  2. The larvicidal activity of the ethanol, chloroform and hexane soxhlet extracts was tested against Dengue fever vector, Aedes aegypti and filarial vector Culex quinquefasciatus. All extracts exhibited 100 per cent larval kill within 24 hours exposure period. Thus, it has a strong potential activity.


Harvesting and preserving

Seeds could be roasted and preserved for further consumption.


Propagation and Storage


Season of collection:

Flowering: December

How to grow it?

Soak the seeds, and remove the aril surrounding the seed. Allow them to germinate and plant in pots. Germination rate is 2 weeks maximum and germinate optimally at temperatures between 20 - 30°C. Once the sapling is stabilised in pot, plant it outside.

Method of storage:



Other uses

  1. A useful fibre, used locally, is obtained from the bark of wild trees. The bark of the younger parts of the tree abounds with very strong, white, flaxen fibre which is used to make a kind of coarse cloth .
  2. Extracts from its seeds have been tested for use as insecticides against mosquito larvae.



Kingdom:            Plantae

Division:              Sermatophyta

Sub-division       Angiospermae

Class:                    Dioctyledonae

Sub-Class:           Polypetalae

Series:                  Calyiflorae

Order:                   Malvales

Family:                 Sterculiaceae

Genus:                 Stercularia

Species:                  guttata






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