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Plant Name: Heracleum grande (Dalzell & A. Gibson) Mukhop.

Common name:

Marathi:        Bafali/ Baphali

Hindi:           Duku, Daku

English:         Wild carrot, hill carrot

Jawhar:          Ran aalu, Alu, Tera



Identification guide


It is an erect herb 3-4 ft in height.

Roots and stems

roots are large perennial; stem is fistular, emitting strong scent on crushing


Leaves are pinnate or bi-pinnate, mostly radical


Fruits (mericarps) are obovate or broadly elliptical, 10-13 mm long, narrow winged, reddish yellow having powerful lemon like odour.


Flowers are yellow compound umbels


Habit / Habitat Herb

In India it is found on the Western Ghats and the hills of Deccan plateau.             



1) Availability of the plant species in India: Western Ghats, Maharashtra

2) Global distribution: It is native to Europe, Asia, North East Africa, South West America, Iran and India


Edible parts

World wide use                                         Leaves, roots and seeds

Used by tribal community in Jawhar       Leaves, roots and seeds


Method of consumption


Jawhar tribal     

  1. Steamed leaves are sauté in oil to make sabji.
  2. Chatani prepared from fruits.


Other Recipe    

The fruit is used in curries as a flavouring agent .


Medicinal use  

Traditional medicinal Use

  1. Seed powder and root decoction is used to cure stomach pain.
  2. Decoction of leaves used for stomach-ache.

The infusion of the fruit is used in doses of ½ to 1 ounce like that of fennel seeds, as carminative, diuretic and stimulant in flatulency, gastric and intestinal disorders etc.


Nutritional and medicinal information


Pharmaceutical significance

  1. Dried seeds and fruits were tested to analyse the nephroprotective activity of H. grande against the Cadmium salt. Cadmium is an industrial pollutant which affects kidney and produces reactive oxygen species (ROS). Increased level of ROS could lead to severe damage to cell structures and the condition is called as oxidative stress. The study showed that pre-treatment by the H. grande is able to prevent the deteriorative effects induced by Cd salt on the kidney of Wistar rats. Protective mechanism involved the reduction of increased oxidative stress in the renal cells along with the rebuilding of histopathological changes against its administration.



Propagation and Storage

Season of collection: Monsoon.

How to grow it?

By sowing of seeds

Method of storage

Storage of the Propagules: No specific method

Storage of the Edible parts: No specific method





Kingdom:            Plantae

Division:              Spermatophyta

Sub-division:     Angiospermae

Class:                    Diocotyledonae

Sub-Class:           Polypetalae

Series:                  Calyciflorae

Order:                   Umbellales

Family:                 Umbelliferae

Genus:                 Heracleum

Species:               grande








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